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Fine microneedles deliver a custom cocktail of active ingredients and booster serums to target problem areas whilst stimulate growth and regenerate the skin


Mesotherapy involves injecting a clever cocktail of natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins and pharmaceuticals (including hyaluronic acid) into the middle layers of your skin. This special solution rejuvenates the cells, which in turn stimulates extra production of collagen and elastin – that’s the magic stuff that makes your skin fresh, tight and healthy.

Mesotherapy can also be an excellent, non-surgical method for tackling excess fat.



MesoGOLD™ is an innovative mesotherapy device that allows the practitioner to create bespoke skincare cocktails and deliver these into your skin safely and effectively with no downtime


WOW! Fusion is an innovative new treatment which is the fusion of three of the most popular aesthetic treatments: Microneedling, Mesotherapy and Botox.

The WOW Fusion device uses 20 gold-plated, titanium microneedles to gently puncture the skin and is attached to a glass vial containing your bespoke skin 'cocktail'. The Fusion cocktail flows down the needles into the skin delivering the products into the dermis to begin your skin transformation.

Microneedling is a very popular treatment in clinic and is well known for its benefits in reducing lines/wrinkles, reducing scarring, improving the skin's microcirculation, shrinking pores and improving skin texture. When Microneedling is used alone these benefits can take several months to be seen, multiple sessions are required and there is usually a few days of downtime, but when WOW Fusion combines Microneedling with Mesotherapy solutions and Botox these improvements are seen almost immediately after just one treatment and last for around 3 months, making this the perfect treatment for those who want results fast.


The WOW Fusion cocktail is tailored to your specific skincare concerns - common concerns that we treat with WOW Fusion are:

Ageing /  UV Damage

Fine lines/wrinkles

Enlarged pores

Excess oiliness



Dehydrated skin

Dull/tired looking skin

Acne scarring

Stretch marks

The WOW Fusion cocktail includes skin loving ingredients such as:

Hyaluronic acid - hydrates, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, collagen stimulator

Vitamin C - antioxidant, essential for collagen production, brightens the skin

Succinic acid - neutralises free radicals, repairs UV damage and improves skin cell recovery

Glutathione - powerful antioxidant, protects skin from UV damage and lightens/brightens skin

Vitamin A - stimulates collagen production, increases skin renewal and controls acne

Argireline - mimics Botox by relaxing muscles, softens lines and wrinkles

Multi vitamins - over 40 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to revitalise skin and provide skin nutrition

MicroBotox - general softening and smoothing effect, reduction in redness, reduction in oil production, shrinks pores

Each WOW Fusion treatment will be tailored to your own individual skin needs. Results are usually seen within a few days and will last around 3 months. For long lasting effects we recommend repeat treatment 3-6 monthly. 


Although each Aquagold clinic may be slightly different, there are several popular ingredients that are often used in Aquagold Fine Touch micro-infusion treatments.

ADD Hyaluronic acid for super hydration, firmness, elasticity and texture. Superficial acne scarring can be treated with micro-hyaluronic gels

ADD Toxins to shrink pore size and reduce sebum production. Reduces redness from rosacea and overactive capillaries. (Toxins used in Aquagold Fine Touch will have no effect on muscle, but reduces pores, sebum, restricts capillaries to reduce redness, your skin will return to you ‘normal’ after approx. 4 weeks. Dilute your toxin as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Then suspend the toxin formulation into 2ml of HA / Skin Ampoule / Vitamin etc. The amount of diluted toxin is 15-20 units.)

ADD Growth factors to stimulate the skin for improved healing, ideal for use after laser treatments, growth factors help to maintain collagen levels.

ADD Pigment reducers to prohibit the melanin response. Discoloration is reduced.

ADD Vitamins such as vitamin B complex to improve the condition of the skin, help rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, hyper pigmentation, sun-damaged, ageing and dry skin. Vitamin C+E complex to help prevent free radical damage, improve skin tone and texture, enhanced skin brightness for a more youthful appearance

ADD Peptides for anti-ageing benefits and skin nourishment

ADD Autologous Conditioned Plasma - Rejuvenates the skin by micro-infusing your own blood plasma into your skin, to stimulate cell growth and collagen production, improve complexion and texture.



Once healed, will look like powdered eyebrows that are lighter in the front and will gradually darken towards the tail. The end result is a defined shape that is soft and powdery looking. 


The intensity of the result can be tailored from soft to bold ombré, depending on the client’s individuals’ personal aesthetic preferences and personality. A softer appearance can be created by depositing fewer layers of pigment for example. 

Not sure if this is the look for you? Why not try out Henna Brows before fully committing to SPMU.


This treatment is ideal if the client is undecided between ombre shading and hairstroke brows, provided the best of both techniques. At BlushBrow there are many variations of combination which are tailored to the individual based on their desired look. The initial hair strokes are added first using then the digital machine can be used to add different thickness of strokes. These hair like stokes can be used through the entire brow, with shading in between; at the front of the brow with a shaded body and tail etc.

This technique is ideal for those with very little to no natural hair as a number of techniques can be applied to provide contrast with the fluffy texture of microblading and fullness created by the machine for a realistic looking brow.




​Typically takes 3 to 4 hours, depending upon the desired fullness and how much natural hair the client has. The healing duration is often shorter than microblading.

I recommend having a tint/wax one week prior or on day of patch test as this will tidy your brows ready for the Nano Brows.

​The Micropigmentation is a four-part process completed over two sessions.


The initial session will begin with a consultation in order to establish the clients preferred aesthetic as well as determining the individual’s facial expressions in order to map out the ideal brows.


A brow mapping technique using golden ratio proportions that measure the distance between all points of the client’s upper face is used, whilst also trying to preserve as much of the natural brow hair as possible. In doing so a symmetrical and flattering brow, proportional to the individual’s face, is achieved.


Excess hairs are then removed and maintained using various techniques such as threading, tweezing and trimming the hairs.


The digital machine is then used to replicate hair strokes/powder brows within the second layer of the skin.



The retouch appointment is typically required in order to add any pigment that did not ‘hold’ during the healing process. This session typically takes 15-60 minutes and must be carried out 6 – 12 weeks of the initial appointment so as not to incur an additional fee.


Please read our FAQs on cosmetic brows for reasons why you might not be suitable for cosmetic tattooing.

Further information about Precare here and Aftercare can be found here.